Love and Destiny ~ Discover the Secret Language of Relationships


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This book won the 2008 COVR award. It's been a bestseller for over 15 years! It's used by counselors, therapists, and people in general to understand the dynamics at work in your relationships. Valuable for all types of relationships. It's also beautiful.

I explain to you how to easily figure out your relationship cards, with your birth cards, spirit cards, soul cards and more. Each card has several pages of information that I have written including the gifts, the challengs and secrets to your relationships. This can be applied to any form of relationship. Some relationships can be challenging and filled with learning, I tell you how to navigate that. The book is beautiful and filled with wisdom for you to draw upon to make your relationships the happiest they can be.

Hardcover, full color, 248 pages, 6.75 x 7.5 FREE SHIPPING in the US